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All gift cards have a value of 100 NIS, so please add the number that you would like to order.

The Monkey Business Gift Card is available to be used at 223, Bellboy, Hotel De Ville or Fantastic.

You may combine payment with credit card or cash but we are not able to give change in the form of cash, if you pay in vouchers a total higher than the total of the bill..

Eg if you bill is 330NIS and you give us 400NIS in gift cards, we cannot give you the 70 NIS back as change. But you may pay with 300 NIS in vouchers, as well as an additional 30 NIS via credit card or cash.

Each voucher carries a 6 month expiry from the date of issue and will be posted to the requested address.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you.